Author’s World View In Dwilogi Padang Bulan Novel By Andrea Hirata: A Lucian Goldmann’s Genetic Structuralism Review

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Rabiatul Adawiyah Siregar , Ikhwanuddin Nasution , Siti Norma Nasution , Mulyadi


The present study aims to elaborate the structure of the novel; it comprises intrinsic elements (theme, plot, setting, and perspective) as well as extrinsic elements (social reality and author’s perspective). The descriptive qualitative study obtained the data in the form of words, phrases, sentences, and discourse from the novel as the data source. The results showed that 1) the intrinsic elements of the novel are as follows: women’s struggle for gender equality as the theme, chronological plot, Belitung as setting, and first-person perspective. 2) The social structure comprises the author’s social background in which Belitung has inspired Hirata to compose a novel that features the region and its social dynamics.  3) The author’s perspective reflects on women’s struggle as illustrated in three forms of relationship between human and oneself, human and others, human and nature, as well as human and God.

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