Youtube In Indonesian And Czech: A Comparative Analysis Of English Niche Content

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Irmawan Rahyadi , La Mani , Abdul Razak Mozin , Daniel Messele Balcha , Tamimi Zakirah


This article developed a comparison on English language learning content on YouTube in Indonesia and Czech. For process of data gathering in the presence of videos, the search string with six different phrases were submitted to YouTube search engines. This study draws on online data in YouTube, where hoping turns out to be efficient and straight to the point. The article challenges academic understandings of YouTube educational niche in order to bring users back in consuming content in its various modes and forms situated in particular settings facilitated by YouTube algorithm. Then, the study analysed data in themes consisting of target audiences, focus, and creators. The creator behind the videos mainly consists of individuals. The study findings show that videos in the niche provided educational content to users in both countries from diverse audiences and focus focused on YouTube influencers instead of institutions. The above findings will offer a conceptual basis for social media marketing design with micro influences endorsement.

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