Construction And Validation Of E-Content Package On Atomic Structure For Standard Xi Students

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There is always a tremendous need for technological support in education in the recent days. Technology has got an irreplaceable place in the process of teaching and learning. A shift from regular chalk and talk method of teaching is required today as the world has come through many tools of technology recently. Technology in the hands of a teacher can definitely take education to the next level. The learning interest of the students is also aroused when technology is infused during lesson transaction. This study focuses on the planning, development and validation of an e-content package on the topic atomic structure from the subject chemistry for the standard XI students. As far as chemistry is considered, there are a number of reactions and bonds to be studied by the students. Teaching those equations, reactions and bonds will be interesting to the students with the use of technology. The students will be exposed to a simulated environment when taught with an e-content package.

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