Influence Of Variance In Rest Interval For The Explosive Power Training For The Arms And Legs In The Light Of Some Biochemical Indicators For The Cellular Equilibrium Of The Volleyballers

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Dr. Rafid Hussein Muhammad Al


This study aims to prepare training in which the time of the inter -rest is changed to the explosive ability of the arms and the two legs and to learn about its effect in some biochemical connotations of the cellular balance represented by both lactic acid, Sodium bicarbonate, And the concentration of sodium and potassium in volleyball players, And I adopted the experimental approach to the design of one experimental group with a test. The tribal and the dimension, on a sample of volleyball players advanced in the Sports Industry Club participating in the sports tags (2021-2022), Who numbered (14) players, all of whom were deliberately chosen by (100%), And approved the laboratory examination The blood in the tribal and dimensional measurements of the research sample, As the level of the concentration of lactic acid was measured by the concentration of sodium bicarbonate in the blood, the level of concentration (potassium K+) and (sodium Na+), And in the preparation of exercises, The differences have receded in increasing the period of rest between the repetitions and reducing the time of rest between exercises, The application lasted for eight consecutive weeks, with three training units between one day and another per time week, with a total of (24) training units, and after the completion of the experimentation, The results were tackled statistically with a system (SPSS), So that extracts and applications are that it helps to change with inter -comfortable time for explosive ability exercises For arms and legs in blains, the lack of lactic acid, the increase of sodium, And the availability of sodium Potassium is within the health limits of volleyball players, And it is necessary to maintain the chemical mechanisms of the muscle cells that face high constituent efforts to fulfill the requirements of physical capabilities, And to the time required for the time necessary to keep them effectively to ensure energy supply, With facilitated constituent mechanisms, and avoid volleyball players chemical injuries.

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