Gaps In The Implementation Process Of Remote Work / Telework In Public Management: A Literature Review

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Sánchez Uriarte Cristhian Jhair


The literature review aims to identify the gaps in the implementation process of remote working / teleworking in public management, through a database of 36 publications in Scopus using the format ( TITLE ("remote working" ) OR TITLE ("telework") AND ALL ("gaps")),, thus performing the corresponding bibliometrics. Gaps were identified such as adaptation, retraining of people, digital competencies, geographical factors, job satisfaction, structural decentralization, labor productivity, teamwork, leadership, labor and family conflict, and digital access, which is why it is important that people of any age can adapt to this mode of work, modernizing the development of digital skills and digitization of processes, seeking retraining to employees, taking into account geographical factors, generating the decentralization of work structures, avoiding limitations in the agreements made by the employee with his employer, allowing managers to find resource reductions, increase productivity, thus improving teamwork. It is very important to know that the employee must have all the necessary digital accesses. As results it was identified that the subject of study is given since the 80's, increasing in 2020, being the scientific articles the most published, and one of the authors who has most touched the subject was Abendroth, A.K.

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