The Need And Its Significance In The Novelist Discourse Of Naguib

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Mahfouz. , Supervising: Prof. Dr. NEAMAH DAHASH FARHAN KHALLAWI


This study is at the heart of the pragmatic theory, as this research seeks to highlight the concept of necessity, and what the researchers have tended to do is that the development that has acquired integrated pragmatics is only for the development of the subject of necessity, as it is one of the contents of the saying, and this is what made Decroux define it as the semantic element that Concerning the saying, as for Grace; He paid great attention to the conversational imperative, and understood the requirement by clues or suggestions, as it is an element known for its absence and presence in the linguistic structures included in the text when reading or when understanding.

This study has paved the way for clarifying the concept of necessity, clarifying the rhetorical component and the linguistic component, with mentioning the types of necessity in Naguib Mahfouz’s novels and stories, a procedural application of his texts, which were interconnected and woven texts, aiming to deliver a specific message to the reader, without feeling a bit bored, and reaching the recipient In a distinctive artistic manner, and the consistency between the words that led to an excellent mixture, which was produced by Naguib Mahfouz from novels and texts that express the reality of social and political life.

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