Evaluating The Visual Analogue Scale (Vas) In Patients Undergoing Extraction

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Dr. Gowri Balakrishnan BDS MDS OMFS , Dr. P Perumal MDS , Dr. P S Kavitha MDS , Dr. Janani Anand Kumar , Dr. Geetha Sridharan BDS MDS OMFS , Dr. Karthik Shunmugavelu


Pain is the most common associated factor with any injury. It can be acute or chronic based on the nature and also depends on the type of pain experienced. It depended on the individual’s threshold and perception and varies according to each individual. This study was done to evaluate Visual Analogue Scale in patients undergoing extraction. A cross-sectional study was performed on 320 dental patients undergoing extraction where each patient was asked to grade present pain on visual analogue scale (VAS) providing an evaluation of pain intensity at the moment of interview of patient. Visual analogue Scale provides a useful and simple method for describing pain experience, it does not assess the multidimensional nature of pain. Pain can also be experienced due to improper treatment, thus influencing the quality of treatment directly. Hence it is essential for assessment of pain before and after dental procedures.  

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