The Effect Of Succession Planning On The Financial Performance Of Jordanian Telecom Companies

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Rawan Mohammad Yousef Al-Takayneh , Dr. Manoj Kumara N V


The rapidly evolving nature of today's business environment, stiff competition, and constant restructuring of organizations and culture has frequently redefined Succession Planning practices to the contingent organizational situation. Succession Planning practices ensure that organizations develop and optimize employees' competencies and leadership potential at all levels of the organization for their posterity and sustainability. Hence, the study aimed to assess the effect of succession planning on the financial performance of Jordanian telecom companies. The study considered the factors of succession planning: Experience and financial performance (profit). Quantitative data, such as descriptive statistics, through specific and focused questionnaire was used to collect respondents' answers computationally, and then the data was analyzed statistically to obtain unbiased results. The study found a significant impact with statistical significance at the level of significance of succession planning with all dimensions (Experience) on the financial performance of companies in Jordan Telecom.Organizations nowadays are flourishing and falling flat, with their prosperity and disappointment being owed to an incredible number of elements.

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