Perceptions Of The Retailers Of Tinsukia Town Over Digital Payment Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

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As the days are passing the number of digital payment users are increasing more and more but not at a pace as it should be. Digital payment is the need of the hour. Digital payment yields various benefits to the general public, government, companies, etc. such as cost savings, transparency security and fast payment. The studied has been carried out on digital payment with respect to retailers of Tinsukia Town. The aim of this research paper is to study the factors that influence the retailers to embrace the digital payment, to analyse the various modes of digital payment and to identify the issues and challenges come across by the retailers while using digital payment. The research paper is based on descriptive nature and the researcher used simple random sampling technique (random sampling method) to select the respondent from the population. Structured questionnaire has been designed to use as a tool to collect the essential information. The researcher evaluates the probable findings and offers some suggestion to accelerate the quantity of digital payment users. There are various digital payments medium such as UPI, Debit card & Credit card, Internet Banking, Digital Wallet, Mobile Banking. But there are also some formidable problems which should be taken into consideration such server & technical problem, forgery and so on. Though it is not possible to give up cash completely but the government needs to address several social issues to accelerate the minimum use of cash and maximum through digital payment.

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