Constructive Analysis Of Agriculture/Land Policy Land Object Of Agrarian Reform On The Settlement Dimensions Land Tenure In Forest Area

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Soerya Respationo , Idham, Chablullah Wibisono , Ramon Nofrial , Khairul Riza


The central theme and, at the same time, the title of this journal is: "Constructive Analysis of Agrarian/Land Land Policy Objects of Agrarian Reform on the Dimensions of Settlement of Land Tenure in Forest Areas," with the construction of problems, namely: How is Agrarian Policy/Land Land Objects of Agrarian Reform on the Dimensions of Settlement of Tenure Land in the Forest Area?. This type of journal writing refers to normative law through library research by prioritizing secondary data, which consists of primary, secondary, and tertiary legal materials. To analyze the formulation of the problem, using Jeremy Bentham's legal theory, namely the legal theory of happiness (utilitarianism), as a grand theory, then using John Austin's legal theory, one of the pioneers of positive legal theory, as a middle theory, and used the legal theory of Talcott Parsons, famous for his structural functionalism legal theory, as an applied theory. The essence of the results of the analysis of this journal is that in the context of carrying out a whole series of processes regarding agrarian/land policies on Land Objects of Agrarian Reform, on the dimensions of Settlement, Land Tenure in Forest Friends, the main goal is to accelerate the realization of a sense of happiness and legal certainty over ownership of land rights. The land is mainly addressed to all community members who live in forest areas.

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