Ethnomedical Culture And Healthy Lifestyles: A Dialectical Relationship In Genesis

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Dr. Lobar E. Gadoeva


In this article, the genesis of a healthy lifestyle related to ethnomedical culture, the dialectical relations formed between them at the stages of socio-historical development are studied. It was determined that the formation of a healthy lifestyle as a historical, cultural and social phenomenon is related to the processes of emergence of ethnomedical experiences and traditions, and the unity between them sometimes comes as a result of believing in magical powers and the transcendent, and sometimes as a result of everyday practical experiences and observations.

Ethnomedical culture is a collection of experiences of the people, the nation, on self-healing, preserving, strengthening and protecting health, leaving a healthy generation. It is natural that the ideas and experiences of the ancient people aimed at the first primitive treatment and health care do not correspond to modern scientific and medical ideas and views. But they also contain natural herbs and health exercises, breathing and exhalation techniques, pregnant woman protection, and infant care methods that are useful for modern medicine, natural science, physical education, and sports. In this chapter, the ethno-social aspects and foundations of the formation of a healthy lifestyle were studied. The establishment of special institutions aimed at protecting the health of the population, the creation of social security and social protection mechanisms of modern states has formed such an ethno-social space.

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