Initializing The Need For Digital Leadership: A Meta-Analysis Review On Leadership Styles In Educational Sector

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Ahmad Fadhly Arham , Nor Sabrena Norizan , Ahmad Firdhaus Arham , Nornajihah Nadia Hasbullah , Irfah Najihah Basir Malan , Shaliza Alwi


This article systematically reviews 17 theoretical and empirical journal articles on the topic of leadership styles within the context of educational sector. The following themes were used to assess the selected studies: (1) role of leadership styles, (2) effect of leadership in education sectors, (3) the methodological approach adopted in leadership studies within educational sector. Based from our analysis, there is a utility to develop a new form of leadership that could enhance student development suited with the need of digitalization of the business environment. We suggest a new definition of digital leadership and propose for a sequential exploratory design study of digital leadership. This is based from the existing gap on the methodological aspect of existing literature on leadership studies in educational sector.

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