Lecturers’ Use Of Internet Applications In English Grammar Lessons And EFL Learners’ Expectation About It: Do They Match?

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Suswati Hendriani , Na’imah , Wisma Yunita , Yulnetri , Yuliana Kasuma


COVID-19 outbreak has caused big changes in every sector of human life, including that of education. In higher education context, these changes have also influenced lecturers’ classroom practices and EFL learners’ motivation, involvement, expectation, etc. The assumption of this study was the EFL learners have different expectation from what the lecturers do in the classrooms. Thus, this study aims to find out a) internet applications used in Grammar online learning;  b) internet applications expected to be used  by  lecturers in Grammar online learning;  c) the  link and match between students’ expectations and their lecturers’ use of internet applications in online grammar classes; and (d) the students’ opinions about the internet application expected to be used in grammar lessons. This study employed a mixed-methods design to explore and understand the phenomena. The respondents of this study were 262 EFL learners from three universities in Indonesia. The data were collected through the distribution of google-form. The quantitative data were collected through closed-ended questions and analyzed through descriptive statistics  and the qualitative ones were collected through the open-ended questions and were analyzed through the inductive model  (Miles, Huberman and Saldana, 2014). The findings of the study showed the the type of internet applications used, the students’ expectations of the internet application, the link and match between the use and those expected to be used, and the students’ opinions about the applications expected to be used. Those things will be elaborated in detail.

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