Ethno-Ecotourism Based Tour Village For The Well-Being Of The Rumbio Village

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Rd. Siti Sofro Sidiq , Ashaluddin Jalil , Resdati


Rumbio Village is one of the villages in Kampar Regency, Riau Province, whose people have local wisdom about Indigenous Forests. However, tourism village planning still has many problems such as resistance from the community because it is not involved in the planning and implementation process so that awareness to participate is low, incompetent and skilled human resources, shifting cultural and social values ​​so that authenticity and uniqueness are lost, as well as vulnerability to environmental damage. In order to avoid the same mistakes, this study aims to identify and explain the socio-cultural and institutional conditions, map tourism potential, human resources, and formulate an ethno-ecotourism-based tourism village planning strategy in Rumbio Village. The research method used is a qualitative case study, with data sources obtained from in-depth interviews with the people of Rumbio Village, traditional leaders, village officials, the tourism office, and related parties. To complement the interview data, observation and documentation study activities will be carried out. The data that has been collected will be analyzed using a SWOT analysis which is then described using three stages in the form of data reduction, data presentation, drawing conclusions and verification. The results showed that the village of Rumbio has tourism potential which can be developed into a tourist village. The Potential of Socio-Culture, Flora Fauna and Institutions that play a role such as Ninik Mamak, the Village Head and the Tourism Office must have a high commitment to the formation of a tourist village.

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