Occupational Safety Protection Policy: Implementation Options Mineral And Coal Industries (Case Study Of Ptlkk And Ptwm Companies In East Kalimantan Province)

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Nunung Nurwati , Komeyni Rusba


Purpose of the study: Describe, analyze and explain how the selection of workers in the implementation of occupational safety protection in PTLKK and PTWM.

Methodology: This research uses a qualitative approach aimed at searching for naturalistic depth of information from specific cases and as research that produces descriptive dat. The informant in this research is general manager, health safety and environmental manager, human resource development manager and two workers.

Mind Findings: Aspects of the policy implementation options that arise when the synergies implement the policy of occupational health and safety regulations can be seen from the presence of value bases and criteria.

Applications of this study: The findings of this study for foundation values in the implementation of occupational safety and health regulatory policy seen from the category of options that include bases allocation, social provision, delivery system and finance.

Novelty/Originality of this study: Research on the implementation of mining policy has been widely explained by many researchers. But there is no publication that specifically explains bases allocation and social provision options, the value that appears is equality and equity. Equality is seen from the existence of equal treatment for all workers. While equity is seen from the principle of justice which emphasizes the importance of respecting the rights of all workers.

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