Importance Of Teaching And Learning Idioms At University Level In Kosovo - A New Perspective

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Mirsad Suhodolli


The research paper to follow is an empirical study on some of the most important reasons not only why learn/teach idioms but also for restoring their usage and importance as well, in particular. Particular emphasis was placed on the importance of teaching and learning English idioms at the university level in Kosovo. The research was carried out at three universities in Kosovo: AAB College in Prishtina, Fehmi Agani Public University in Gjakova, and Universum College in Prishtina and Ferizaj.  Due to this reason, the findings will be divided into those from this research and those from the doctoral thesis. It also takes into account other researchers’ works including the ones from Kosovo and the neighboring countries, such as: Albania. It will start by analyzing the works of other researchers worldwide and continue with the works of the researchers from the neighboring countries. Therefore, this is a study from a new perspective on idioms and their importance in teaching English to the Albanian students. Last, but not least, it will give new insights and further suggestions on the ways to teach and learn idioms in particular and English in general which is what many students desperately opt for. Further research on idiom-related issues will be carried out in the future to shed light on the importance of learning and teaching idioms at the university level. The suggestions will further be given to the Kosovo Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MEST).

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