Contemporaries' Suspicions Of Feminist Interpretation "Qawamah As A Model”

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Prof. Dr. Ammar abd al kareem abd almajeed , M. M. Maryam Ashour Hamed


The issue of suspicions about women’s issues is an old topic to be brought up, new and even renewed in its discussion, especially the topic of (guardianship), as it is one of the contemporary topics. They have, and this undoubtedly requires that equitable and non-rented pens to clarify the truth and refutation of their falsehoods and suspicions, so as not to deceive the common people.

Hence this study, tagged with ( Contemporaries’ Suspicions about Feminist Interpretation _ “Qawamah as a Model ) , and the study resulted in the shallowness of understanding and the ill perception that these skeptics and suspects hold, and the systematic failure in dealing with the topics they raise, which suggests what is beyond doubt on the Their bad intentions and the corruption of their folds, and that most of what they cling to is the call for the liberation of women from restrictions, and the return of their lost rights by crowding out men, in order to rob them of tenderness and femininity, and even to deviate from them from common sense, to dress them in the dress of Western modernity that opposes the respected principles of religion .

This scientific study also refuted all the suspicions and falsehoods raised about the guardianship because of the corrupt interpretations of the legal texts, which are far from the origins of scientific research, and the scientific methodology in dealing with issues, and what indicates the failure of the claimant of these suspicions to understand the provisions of Islam that are often related to its purposes, and therefore it is easy at that time to respond and refute them after Monitoring them, in a way that enhances a sound understanding of the provisions of Sharia and the arrows of his enemies in their faces. The God of the intent behind it is the intention of giving way.

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