The Implication Of Certification In Improving The Professionalism Of Senior High School Islamic Education Teachers In Southeast Sulawesi

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H. Zulkifli M , Faizah Binti Awad , H. Herman , Sarjaniah Zur , Oriza Aditia


This qualitative study aims to describe the competence of professionalism and the implications of certification in improving the professionalism of Senior High School Islamic Education teachers in Southeast Sulawesi. Data collection technique include observation, interview and relevant document. At the same time, data analysis technique is data collection, reduction, discussion and conclusion. The results showed that Islamic education teachers have a decent ability to develop their professional competencies. These capabilities include interpreting and analyzing the materials, structures, concepts, and mindsets of relevant disciplines to Islamic education. In addition, the teachers also understand standards of competency, basic competencies of subjects, learning objectives, select and manage Islamic education materials creatively. Furthermore, teachers reflect that the results are applied in developing the profession. Among other self-development activities are conducting class action research, undertaking professional subsidiary activities, reform the current knowledge and adhere to the development of information and communication technology. In addition, employing Islamic education teacher certification program, either by portfolio or PLPG and PPG, advance the professional competencies of teachers, enhance the awareness and educational insight, enrich precious experiences for educational and learning development, furthermore, strengthen the capability to plan and carry out Islamic educational learning activities.

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