Impact Of Cell Tower And Cell Phone Radiations On Human- A Study Conducted In An Indian State With A Of Population 35 Million

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Dr. Premlal P.D , Dr. Reji A P , Dr. Eldhose N V


We investigated the effect of Cell tower and cell phone radiations in an Indian state of Kerala which has a population of about 35 million and has a teledensity equal to that of the United States.  The examination area is divided into two categories - core zone, the highly exposed area  and outer zone, area above 300m from a cell tower. The power, electric field and magnetic field densities of both the zones are measured using MECHO’s radiation meter 9720. In addition, a survey is conducted in the personal interview method to collect data about ten relevant diseases.  Statistical tests namely T-test, Independent sample test, Levene’s test for equality of variance and ANOVA were carried out on the collected data using the software SPSS. Out of the ten diseases which were examined, nine are found to have a close relationship with the cell tower exposure. Females are found to be more affected. It is also found that more than 22%  of the people are forced to live in a higher exposure level than the current Indian standard. It is also found that some phone habits are very harmful to human health. Based on our study, we designed a new standard, for maximum power density (280mW/m2) and maximum emitted radiated power (1407W) irrespective of the number of antennas, carriers, and operators.   

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