Management Of Islamic Education In The Family: Career Women Strategy In Building Sakinah Family In Islamic And Gender Perspective At State Islamic University Kiai Haji Ahmad Shidiq Jember

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St. Rodliyah


This article aims to describe the management of Islamic education in the family carried out by career women with various strategies in building sakinah families with Islamic and gender perspectives in UIN KHAS Jember. In the last decade, there has been a transformation towards increasing the role of women in various sectors of life. The transformation of the role of women is marked by the number of women who make a career in public. This causes a variety of problems in the family, including the education of children is better; marital relations are not harmonious because both are busy with their respective work affairs, even divorce and others. Knowledgeable and highly educated women disagree with being promoted only for domestic roles, while men can be free and accessible to the public. For this reason, women choose a career by trying to carry out the management of Muslim family education with various strategies in building a family to remain sakinah. This article's data are literature and empirical data obtained through in-depth interviews, participant observation, and document studies, then analyzed using descriptive qualitative with interactive models Milles Huberman and Saldana. The validity of the data is done by triangulation of sources and methods. The results of this study show that with the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Muslim family education by Islamic teachings and harmonious communication patterns and strategies carried out by career women in building sakinah families in the Islamic and gender perspective, the purpose of marriage and marriage will be achieved, namely sakinah, mawaddah, and warohmah.

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