The Effect Of Project- Based Learning In Enhancing Creativity And Skills Of Arts Among Kindergarten Student Teachers

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Abdellah Ibrahim Mohammed Elfeky , Samar Mohammed Alharbi , Ebtsam Sultan Abdul Hameed Ahmed


Project-based learning (PBL) is frequently regarded as a viable alternative to traditional lecturer-led teaching. Meanwhile, creativity has been regarded as a critical skill for the twenty-first century and a crucial goal of education that should be encouraged in institutions of education. Besides, skills of arts allow for hands-on learning and creation. Nevertheless, little is known about the benefits of using PBL to enhance creativity and developing skills of arts. As a result, the goal of this research is to reveal the effect of PBL in enhancing creativity and skills of arts among kindergarten student teachers. The research was conducted to students at the department of kindergarten who were divided into two equal groups randomly. The main research instruments were a creativity scale and product evaluation card for skills of arts. The empirical results revealed that PBL had positive and significant influence on the enhancement of kindergarten student teachers' creativity, mediated by idea manipulation and generation, and analogical / metaphorical thinking. Results also showed that PBL had positive and significant influence on the development of kindergarten student teachers' skills of arts, mediated by esthetic and creative aspects.

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