Relationship Of Knowledge Level With Parent Acceptance Of Students On Covid-19 Vaccine In Elementary School Children Ages (6-11 Years) In Makassar City

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Firman , Ansariadi , Andi Zulkifli , Ida Leida Maria , Abdul Salam , Ridwan Thaha


This study examines the relationship between knowledge and parental acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine in elementary school children aged (6-11 years) in Makassar City. The type of research used is analytic observational with a cross sectional study design. The population in this study were all parents of students with school-age children (6-11 years) in Makassar City who were categorized as eligible for vaccination, which was around 264,000 people. While the number of samples as many as 1,073 parents. The sampling technique used is snowball sampling. Data were analyzed using SPSS with Chi-square test. Data analysis performed was univariate and bivariate. The results showed that the knowledge variable had a significant relationship (p<0.05).

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