Passenger Expectations Of Full-Service Airlines’ Service Quality After COVID–19

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Bharis Hongsakul


In this research, passengers’ service quality expectations of full-service airlines after the outbreak of COVID-19 were studied and compared with reference to travel behaviors and purposes. The results from 400 questionnaires indicated that the majority of full-service passengers travelled for leisure purposes and valued in-flight services and experiences as an important measure of the airline’s service quality. Further analysis also revealed that the dimension of employees was observed to have the highest expectation level (x̅ = 6.09 / S.D. = .596) in terms of professional appearance, personal hygiene, product knowledge, rhetoric, and excellent communication skills, respectively. Based on the hypothesis test results, it can be overall concluded that 1) service activities were positively correlated with gender and education. and 2) the recognition of tangibles expected towards the service quality after the pandemic was reported different (sig.=.008) among passengers with different travel purposes, at a statistically significant level of 0.05.

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