Development And Validation Of Reading Habits Inventory

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Dr. M. Senthilkumaran , B. Revathi


The objective of the study was to construct an inventory to assess the reading habits of B.Ed., college students. 480 B.Ed., college students from the western part of Tamil Nadu were taken for the survey. The investigator first prepared 59 items based on five dimensions. Experts evaluated those items and decreased the number to 54. After face validation, the inventory was administered to responders. The difficulty index value and discriminative power formulas were employed to evaluate the quality of each item. In the item analysis, twelve (12) inappropriate items were eliminated, leaving 42 items for the final tool. The reliability values of this inventory were found as 0.88 (KR-20 method) and 0.82 (Test-Retest method). The final form of the inventory was found to have content validity, according to the experts. The statistical analysis indicates that this reading habits inventory is reasonably fairly valid and reliable for assessing reading habits.

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