Role Of English Language Lab In Shaping And Enhancing The Employability Skills Of The Technocrats And Professionals: A Challenge Or A Chance

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Nidhi Jindal


However, we can describe what language is, language is a means of communication. Communication means transmitting a message or receiving a message. It is difficult for students from different cultures to learn English and its knowledge. The desire to study English needs some solution. The language lab is a technology break for imparting English skills. The language laboratory offers an exclusive orientation to results and is effective for enriching the English language teaching process. A digital language laboratory that breaks through the traditional teaching method with rich content of learning materials, motivates the student's approach to learning and provides an interactive learning environment. Studying foreign languages ​​lends itself naturally to using media. The language lab is the solution and the need of the hour to learn the English language. The quality of language knowledge will be higher when it is learned from multimedia, digital, and computer language laboratory. The high merit of the unique equipment and clear pedagogy stands alone. The computer now fulfills all the needs of language teachers and gives life to many students.

This research focuses on the need for a digital language laboratory that will enable students at technical universities to improve their communication skills not only in work situations but also in personal areas. This paper talks about the importance of the language laboratory in teaching English classes at a technical university. It also describes the barriers to teachers using language labs and finally suggests ways in which language labs can be useful for science students.

Improved communication skills in English can lead not only to an improved social life but also to better job opportunities in the future. From job interviews to real professionals In the world, communication skills are very important, and knowing English means being able to communicate clearly and effectively. In job interviews, most interviewers lead interviews in English. Interviewers are quick to make judgments and place great emphasis on the former impressions. Poor language skills can mean fewer chances of getting a job. On the other hand, knowledge of the language can help to leave a good first impression which means a higher chance of getting the position you are applying for. English is the most commonly used language in the business world. Most job interviews are conducted in English. Most commercial contracts are written in English. The processing of international trade agreements requires effective skills in English. English is the preferred business language because it is a precise Language. It allows a person to say what they want to say without having to argue about meaning. However, using incorrect tenses, prepositions and the like will do someone's statement less accurate. In order to have increased competence in the professional world, one should have a very good command of the English language.

Even companies that offer jobs that don't involve office work require applicants to accept English language proficiency tests. Just because a person can't speak English doesn't mean they will they do not succeed in the professional world, but they have sufficient knowledge of the language and the skills one needs for a job will definitely help one do well in any profession.

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