Social Economic And Educational Risk In Covid 19 Disaster (Case Study On The Number Of Children Of Productive Age In Indonesia Dropouts And High Unemployment Rates)

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Sri Tutie Rahayu , Akhmad Nuriyanis , Gatot Cahyo Sudewo and Septina Dwi Retnanda


WHO stated that the Covid19 case first appeared since March 2, 2020. Meanwhile in Indonesia, it was first detected on May 8, 2020 with a number of victims as many as 12,776 people, while 930 people 1were declared dead. This case evenly occurs in all provinces in Indonesia. The analysis used as a sampling is estimated from all cases of infection only 2%. The first method applied by the Government of Indonesia was without any treatment or vaccine. The new government is relying on limiting physical interactions to slow the spread of Covid19. Through the implementation of the 3M program, namely: washing hands, maintaining distance and wearing masks. The regulations implemented by the Indonesian government include, among others, quarantine for people suspected of being infected, restrictions on domestic and international travel, prohibitions on gathering in groups or in crowded places, temporarily closing schools, tourist attractions, offices, factories and other public spaces.

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