Role Of Education In The Field Of Entrepreneurship, Management And Technology

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Dr. Jenifur Majid , Dr. P.Ratna Mary , Dr. Kanniga Prashanth , Dr. Sayeda Meharunisa , Dr. Khelena Gurumayum


The success in life of an individual is greatly influenced by their education. It has a significant effect on people's chances to maintain their quality of life. Most people agree that education is the cornerstone of a society that leads to economic growth, social prosperity, and political stability. The level of education a person has influences their social and economic standing since it increases their capacity to control their quality of life. It can aid a person in avoiding poverty, fostering harmony, and picking up technological skills. The importance of education in creating the next generation of problem-solvers in the disciplines of entrepreneurship, management, and technology cannot be overstated. A nation's entrepreneurs are a significant resource. Entrepreneurial endeavours have the power to influence how we work and live, in addition to generating employment and bolstering the national economy. The importance of education in the sectors of entrepreneurship, management, and technology has been stressed in the current study. The suggested paper is based on secondary data and has an exploratory and descriptive nature. Entrepreneurs are those who take risks and are daring, imaginative, creative, dynamic, and flexible. They have the ability to spot opportunities, create networks, and are autonomous, self-reliant, and have leadership qualities. Entrepreneurship is regarded as a crucial component of a nation's economic development and progress since it lowers unemployment, boosts output and productivity, fosters innovation and creativity, and generates wealth. To boost an organization's profitability, all unique and creative ideas are translated into products and services during the entrepreneurial process. This inventiveness is innate and can also be developed via instruction. Therefore, education, specifically entrepreneurial education, is a process through which creative talents can be acquired and should start in early infancy. The primary focus of this study is on the contribution that education makes to the growth of entrepreneurship, management & technology. This study is descriptive in nature and discusses entrepreneurial education strategies and role of education in management and technology as well.

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