A Study On Dairy Supply Chain Management In India – Its Development, Policies & Barriers

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Teja Naganboyina and Prof. Gayatri Kaple


The Dairy sector is one of the most thriving businesses in the Indian market and been retained its world no 1 position as the largest Milk producer since 1997. In India, it is estimated that about 48% of milk produced is consumed at the producer level, and the remaining 52 % is available for sale in urban areas out of this only 40 % of produced milk is handled by the organized sector (Dairy Cooperatives & Private dairies) and remaining 60 % of the milk production is distributed through Unorganised dairy sector Hence government has introduced many schemes to increase the share of organized flow in the dairy sector. In this paper, we discussed the stats and figures of the Indian dairy market size and its growth over the past decade. I have conducted direct interviews with various stakeholders of the dairy chain and made the process flow chart showing how the milk is procured and reaches the end consumer both in the organized and unorganized sector and major emphasis made on cold chain aspects of the dairy sector.

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