A Study On The Impact Of Covid- 19 On Investor Behaviour Of Individuals Towards Mutual Fund

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Prof. Uma Ghosh


In the world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), when there is economic slowdown in most of the countries of the world, which formed a scare across the investors and they are becoming increasingly doubtful about investing their money in several investment opportunities present in the market, investing money in the mutual funds being the most common. Covid‐19 has affected the financial markets significantly. This paper intends to analyse the perceptions of investors towards mutual funds and the effect of Covid‐19 on the investment decisions of individual investors. The study examines the perceptions of investors about mutual funds before and during the period of severe uncertainty affected by the COVID‐19 pandemic. The data were collected from individual investors residing in different states of India in 2022. The perceptions of investors, investment awareness programs about mutual funds and impact of COVID-19 on investments in mutual funds have been measured by using the method of factor analysis. The study analyses the perceptions of investors regarding investment opportunities in mutual fund before and during the period of severe ambiguity affected by the COVID‐19 pandemic. The study has significant implications for mutual funds investors and regulatory bodies in India.

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