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Halima Ali Ahmada and Dr. Rubina Fakhr


This conceptual paper aims to draw attention to the relationship between organizational structure and employee behavior in public and private organizations. Previous studies identified this relationship and most of them focused on the hard aspects of organizations, while the soft issues stand less researched (Naqshbandi, & Kaufr, 2013).  However, this study concluded that organizational structure is positively related to employee behaviour.  Further studies focussing on the influence of organizational structure on organizational commitment concluded that all kinds of organizational structures are related to organizational commitment in both sectors, except the hierarchy of authority, whereas participation has the largest correlation with organizational commitment in private firms (Al-Qatawneh, 2014). The current study seeks to analyse the important role of strategic management arrangements in achieving organizational goals. The purpose of this study is to analyse the influence of internal driving factors in the form of employee behavior, organizational structure and the role of management in achieving organizational mission. This study confirms the theoretical importance of laying the foundation of strategic management as a basis for internal coordination and creating a supportive working climate in the workplace (Fauzi, et al. 2021).

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