Relationship Between Service Interaction, Customer Experience Quality, Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty: Serial Mediation Approach

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Cristina Mary Alexander , Dr. Malani Srinivasa Rao , Dr. Joice Swarnalatha


Customer experience has become a buzz word in the business world, as it is crucial for creating a competitive advantage. Customer experience starts when the customer starts interacting with all the touch points provided by the business throughout his journey with the company. Thus, It’s the sum of all interactions the company has with the business. These interactions can provide a positive or negative experience that determines the customer’s long lasting relationship with the company. This paper aims to investigate the interconnection between service interaction and customer loyalty and the mediating contribution  of customer experience quality, customer satisfaction on the association between service interaction and customer loyalty in transportation context. A sample size of 508 was analyzed using regression and process macro. The findings showed that the impact of service interaction on customer loyalty and the partial mediating role of  customer experience quality and customer satisfaction.

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