G. Subramaniya Iyer: The First Editor And Founder Of ‘The Hindu’- Through The Eyes Of The Indian Intelligentsia

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R. Raveenthar , Dr. G. Rengaraju


The Hindu was founded on September 20, 1878, by six young nationalists. In the first editorial titled “Ourselves”, published on September 20, 1878, the founders flagged two guiding principles. During its initial years, the paper was printed at Srinidhi Press, Mint Street, Black Town, and Madras. G. Subramaniam Iyer was a pioneer in the field of independence of the country, in social reforms, and in entering the field of journalism and introducing large-scale newspapers. Bipan Chandra praised Tamil Nadu’s political, economic, and social liberation fighter, G. Subramania Iyer, in his famous book “The Rise and Growth of Economic Nationalism in India” with compelling evidence. G.Subramania Iyer was extremely focused on social reforms. He was interested in child marriage issues, widowhood, and caste unity. He worked tirelessly to increase the age of marriage, for widow marriages, to give equal status to oppressed people in society, and to prevent child marriages.

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