A Study Of Academic Performance Of Senior Secondary Level Students In Relation To Their Gender, Type Of Management And Location Of The School

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Dr. Anil Kumar


It is a common assumption among various groups of people that the students belonging to the private schools are much better in terms of their academic performance as compared to those students who are studying in government schools. On the basis of the location of school i.e. urban and rural it has been found that location of the school also plays a significant role in the academic performance of the students or in other words on the basis of several researches it can be said that the urban students normally perform better than the rural students academically. However most of the students come from the same system of education who are enrolled in the schools following 10+2 system of schooling as followed in the schools affiliated to CBSE, but their performance varies a lot due to different factors related to the schools, family, teachers, society and the individual himself. Through this paper the researcher has tried to identify effect of gender, type of management and location of the school on the Academic Performance of the senior secondary students of Delhi.

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