Factors Inhibiting The Implementation Of Jeneponto Smart Branding Program

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Mernawati, Hamsinah, Muhammad Rusdi, Muh Tang Abdullah


City branding is used as a standard for whether a city is known or not. City branding has an important role in shaping the face of a city so that it can be better known by the public, attracting tourist visits and also investors. The research method used is a qualitative method. Data collection techniques use in-depth interviews, observations, and documentation studies. Meanwhile, data analysis techniques use data reduction, data presentation, verification, and drawing conclusions. The results showed that the road map of the JSB program as well as the long, medium and short term terms of reference were well structured, but because the program was long term and demanded changes in people's behavior and did not directly or immediately benefit the community (target groups). ) tend to be more difficult to implement. It takes a long time to measure the output degree of change. Compliance and responsiveness, measurement of awareness and responsiveness can be taken from the One Stop Service program, in this case the Jeneponto Regency DPMPTSP as the implementer. The Responsiveness variable includes indicators: procedures, requirements, costs and time for obtaining permits and handling complaints. Of the five indicators, the procedures, costs, processing time and handling of complaints went well, but the requirements needed to be simplified.

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