Effectiveness of Post Stroke Rehabilitation Program on Nurses' Knowledge at Middle Euphrates center for Neurosciences

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Haneen Azeiz Nasser , Dr. Jihad Jawad Kadhim


Introduction: Stroke is the main cause of death around the word. Stroke survivor experience long-term medical consequences and disabilities. Stroke rehabilitation program has been shown to be effective in terms of enhancing patient’s quality of life as well as to be improving patient to be independent for activity of daily living. Nurses have an important role in rehabilitation of patient with post stroke. Nurses need to be knowledgeable, aware and qualified in order to provide high-quality care to achieve best patient’s outcomes. Hence, providing an educational program regarding post-stroke rehabilitation can increases nurses’ knowledge which in turns improve patient’s outcomes. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of post stroke rehabilitation program on nurses' knowledge.

Methodology: Quasi-experimental design has been adopted with non-probability (purposive sample) of 46 nurses who provide care for stroke patients at Middle Euphrates Center for neurosciences. The researchers assess nurses' knowledge before educational program and after implementing it by using the same structured questionnaire.       

Results: The results of the study revealed that the level of nurses' knowledge at pre-test period were moderately adequate at mean scores (x=63.5 and SD= 27.5), while at posttest (x= 87.5, SD=16.5)  

Conclusions: Based on the findings of the study the level of nurses' knowledge for caring of post-stroke patients have significantly improved statistically after implementing the educational program as compared with pretest period. The improvement in nurses’ knowledge may reveal the effectiveness of post stroke rehabilitation program on the level of nurses' knowledge.

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