Some Cognitive Skills As An Indicator For Predicting Mental Flexibility And Performance Using A Technique Regression

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Zaid Ali Saleh , Prof. Dr. Hisham Hindawi Howeidi and Hadeer Hadi Essi


Table tennis is one of the mass games that is practiced by all segments of society. This game has advantages that made it take a great place among people. Among these advantages is that it does not need a large number of players. The family is young and old, and it does not need a long time to learn, and its tools are available in most parts of the world and can be played in outdoor or indoor playgrounds, as it contains multiple aspects and a large number of variables at all levels of skill, physical, mental, and others. The cognitive aspect is one of the most important aspects determining the level of performance where Cognitive skills form a strong and single connection among themselves. The researcher may seek to prepare a profile of cognitive skills and performance according to the battery of knowledge.HRPWhich is one of the means that is used for the first time, as it has the ability to find an ideal correlation between those skills, which contributes to raising the level of players' performance.

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