Psychological Attitude And Perception Of Students Towards Goods And Services Tax In Metro City

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Mrs. Princy J , Dr. Durairaj D


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of the most discussed topics in India after revised rates on certain items. The GST was implemented in India in July 2017 and has affected every member of the country but still perception of the GST is very low in the society. GST removed cascading effect of taxes which eventually reduced the burden on the common man. GST made products more competitive in the domestic and international market, hence it's very important for everyone is should be aware of various sides of the GST to understand the transparency and administration which leads to sustainable growth for the economy. Thus, a study has to be carried out to identify college students’ awareness of GST in India. It helps a full view of the degree of student’s awareness of GST and focuses on the actual knowledge among the students. It also contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of awareness of GST among the students. Additionally, this could also assist the government in their policy-making, especially in the area of awareness-raising pertaining to the benefits of GST and enhancing society’s confidence. Through the structured questionnaire survey was carried and responses were gathered from the students. Hypothesis testing was performed through Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Mean. Therefore, this study contributes to the perception of the students about the GST in the trending items most purchased through online mode by the students and gives an overall view on the understanding of the impact of GST rates and economic stability.

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