Tobin's Q Of Mining & Extraction Organizations Associations Listed In Amman Stock Exchange And The Effect Of Specific Financial Determinants On Them

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Mohammad Al-Dwiry , Ayman Mansour Khalaf Alkhazaleh , Weaam Amir , Rami Mohammad Al-dweeri


Tobin's Q Ratio, as an estimation and valuation apparatus for organizations, have been utilized broadly under various settings. This exploration concentrate on joins two various relapse models utilized in an alternate setting in both Indonesia and Iran to examine the connection between the company's worth, addressed by Tobin's Q proportion, as a reliant variable and absolute resources, return on resources, obligation proportion and free income as autonomous factors. The review chooses the recorded organizations under the mining and extraction area in Amman Stock Exchange. The scope of the information gathered is between 2005 to 2020 and Microsoft Excel is utilized to break down the information through it to acquire the factual depiction, Pearson Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Regression results. The review presumes that there is a critical and positive connection between the company's worth and its profit from resources. Additionally, there is a moderate and positive connection between the association's worth and its free income and absolute resources, opposite and moderate connection between company's worth and its obligation proportion.

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