Ancient Geography Of Northern India As Reflected In The Tīrtha Kaumudī

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Dr. Bhagyashree Sarma , Karabi Sarma , Dimpi Kalita , Upasana Sharma , Kankana Goswami , Jyotakar Gajanan Diliprao , Atul Kumar Gupta


The Ancient Indian Geography is represented through some areas along with rivers, mountains and forests and it helps in the growth of civilization of a country. The Sanskrit Literature contains evidences and sources of ancient Indian geographical facts. The Vedas, purāṇas and epics bear a great geographical value. Moreover, different Dharmasūtras, Dharmaśāstras, Smṛtiśāstras, Smṛti digests etc. gives a great contribution to know and understand the Ancient Indian Geography. The Tīrtha Kaumudī of Pītāmbara Siddhāntavāgῑśa Bhaṭṭācārya also has a great account of geographical information. Though the work Tīrtha Kaumudī is a work on pilgrimage and contains the subject matters about the rules, regulations, glory and so many topics related to pilgrimage, yet side by side, a clear picture of ancient Indian geography of medieval period is reflected here. So, here in this present paper attempt has been made to highlight Ancient Geography of Northern India as reflected in the Tīrtha Kaumudī.

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