Mathematics Performance Of Senior High School Students In Blended Learning Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Gabriel M. Pagaran , Marife L. Loremas , Jenevieb D. Gultiano , Jonathan O. Etcuban


This research discusses the correlation between attitude towards Mathematics and blended learning during the Covid 19 pandemic. Difficulty in retaining a particular lesson and poor performance during the pandemic in line with mathematics that the students experienced in acquiring knowledge through an online learning modality. Attitude towards Mathematics in terms of perceived confidence in learning mathematics and usefulness of mathematics and blended learning correlates with mathematics performance in senior high school students and is investigated in this study. The analysis employed the descriptive correlational research design using a survey questionnaire to gather data regarding the profile, attitudes towards blended learning and, mathematics performance of the 948 senior high school students enrolled in senior high schools. The results of this study all point to the fact that Covid-19 somehow contributed to certain effects on the mathematics performance of the senior high school students in the three identified schools. The researchers strongly recommend that the action plans be implemented, monitored, and evaluated to improve the mathematics performance of Grade 11 students in blended learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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