The factors that affect the lecturers' performance

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Fajrizal, Nizwardi Jalinus, Ambiyar


This study aims to determine the factors that influence the performance of lecturers. There are variables that are measured including, 1).Motivation, 2) Self-efficacy, 3). Leadership, 4). Organizational climate, 5) Ability to Use Technology, 6). Lecturer performance. The research method used is the method quantitative descriptive. The research instrument used is a questionnaire. The data analysis technique used is path analysis. The findings of there is a variable work motivation of lecturers has a significant influence on the performance of lecturers. In the self-efficacy variable, the indirect effect is more dominant through the organizational climate variable compared to the direct influence on the lecturer's performance. While the leadership variable is more dominant indirectly through organizational climate variables compared to direct influence on lecturer performance. In the variable of ability to use technology, it tends to have an indirect effect when compared to the direct effect on lecturer performance. The organizational climate variable in the faculty determines the level of influence of the lecturer's ability to use technology in carrying out assignments. For the performance of lecturers who must be updated on technological developments both in carrying out learning.

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