Framing Discourse Legislative Council Faction Against The Jakarta Government Policy 2017-2018

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Eddy Guridno


Political conflicts between political elites in the Jakarta government continue, even though the 2017 Jakarta Pilkada has ended. This conflict was seen in the early days of Anies-Sandi's administration, when he made a policy to stop the Alexis Hotel's activities, because it was considered to have prostitution practices. Even though it is not visible in the public eye, this conflict is present in a latent manner. Its presence can be seen from the discourses that have been rolled out regarding the Regional Government policies of each faction in the Jakarta DPRD which support and oppose the Regional Government. The discourse that they rolled out shows the framing of each side towards the local government policies which indicate a political conflict. The pro-camp sees local government policies as legitimate actions, while the opposition sees them as arbitrary. The two camps base their frame on two different basic views. The pro-government camp departs from the view of the moral interests of the people prevailing in Jakarta, the opposition camp departs from the viewpoint of economic interests. These two views coincide with the views of community groups in Jakarta related to this Regional Government policy. Religious mass organizations view him with a moral perspective, the business association groups in Jakarta view him with a view of economic interests.

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