Primed Orientation (Self and Other) and Life Satisfaction: Examining Coping Strategies as the Mediator and Education as the Moderator across Indo-Pakistan Border

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Tiwari, D.N., Kumar, A., Gautam, S., Nayan, R., Pandey, A.R.


Over the past few decades, the world has witnessed wars and conflicts between the nations and even within a nation. Harmony is needed before anything as it is the ground on which the strong pillar of a nation stands. In India, Jammu and Kashmir over the decades has witnessed huge amounts of violence and terrorism. This study has been done with the intent to explore the relationship between self and other orientation, life satisfaction, coping strategies and educational background. In a sample of 378 individuals (187 males and 191 females), a moderated meditational model was tested using influence of (self and other) on life satisfaction mediated by coping strategies and moderated by educational background. Results showed that Orientation (Self and Others) had a direct positive association with life satisfaction, ways of coping strongly mediate the relation between orientation (self and other) and life satisfaction and the educational background reduces the strength of the relationship between orientation and life satisfaction. Individual orientation towards self and others strongly influence and associate with their ways of coping and the level of life satisfaction which further mold with educational background.

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