Students' Experiences In Learning English Using Online Platforms In Pandemic: A Case In A State College

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Vanessa Joy Z. Judith


This study was conducted to determine the experiences encountered by the students in their English classes using online platforms for the first semester, 2019-2020. This qualitative narrative inquiry research gathered data through an in-depth interview. An open-ended interview guide was used to gather data, and this was validated by the experts in this field of study. The participants of the study were selected using purposive sampling. In dealing with qualitative questions, themes across data sets were identified and analyzed to provide a clearer description of the experiences shared by the participants. The analysis observed the explication process introduced by Braun and Clarke. It covers familiarization with data, coding, searching for themes, reviewing themes, defining and naming themes, and writing up. The study's findings revealed that in the course of learning English online, the students encountered different experiences. These include the financial concerns, ability to manage the time with flexible learning autonomy, teacher factors, accessibility to the technology and connectivity, self-motivation, learning styles, coping mechanism strategies, and the recommendation to improve online learning.

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