Implementation Of The Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka Curriculum Based On The RI 4.0 Platform At Universitas Negeri Medan

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R. Restu , S. Sriadhi , Syamsul Gultom , Dina Ampera


Background: The implementation of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus policy changes the paradigm of a rigid content-based curriculum approach to a curriculum based on adaptive and flexible learning outcomes to prepare students to become independent adults. In the implementation of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus policy, collaboration and cooperation with partners or other parties related to the scientific field of study programs and participation in supporting the desired learning outcomes are needed.

Method: The purpose of the research is to develop Universitas Negeri Medan’s participation in the Merdeka Learning-Independence Campus program and to find out what obstacles need to be addressed to support the success of Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka, as well as to see the effective model that Universitas Negeri Medan needs to build for Independent Learning Campus. Implementation of Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka gives students the freedom to choose alternative lecture models which are the right of every student to undergo lectures in accordance with the rules and criteria set.  Result: The variables in this study are 1) Lecturer readiness, and 2). Independent Learning Curriculum-Independent Campus, 3) Implementation of Independent Learning in Independent Campus in terms of lecturers and study programs, 4) Participation of Medan State University, 5) Obstacles in the Implementation of Independent Learning-Independent Campus, 6) Achievements of Independent Learning-Independent Campus. The results of this study show that efforts to increase the success of the implementation of the Merdeka Learning Independent Campus curriculum based on the RI 4.0 platform are carried out by study programs in a sustainable manner in the form of drafting regulations that serve as guidelines for implementation, along with accompanying regulations in relation to the conversion of the semester credit system (SKS) and the results evaluation system. HOTS-based learning and case methods, integration of information technology in lectures, and assistance to lecturers and students for various activities for the success of Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka.

Conclusion: Implementation of the MBKM curriculum based on the Industrial Revolution 4.0 platform at Universitas Negeri Medan or 2021. Referring to the research data and analysis, it can be concluded as follows. The readiness of lecturers for the regulation of the Independent Learning-Independence Campus is generally ready to implement the curriculum and have reconstructed the courses they teach based on the Industrial Revolution 4.0 platform through the reconstruction of graduate achievements and the development of learning materials and tools, even some lecturers have been creative in developing models and methods learning and evaluation of learning outcomes based on HOTS and case methods.

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