Mediating Effect Of Smartphone Usage On The Relationship Between Maternal Behaviour And Young Children's Playfulness During The Outbreak Of Corona Virus

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Jiyoung Lee , Maria Fe Y. Gocotano


This study was conducted to confirm whether smartphone usage mediates the relationship between maternal behavior and young children's playfulness during the outbreak of Corona Virus.  The global pandemic has shaken all sectors and one of these is the educational sector which had several impediments in the conduct of the teaching-learning experiences, especially the young learners. Home-based learning modalities navigated the educational landscape. The use of smartphones and all other gadgets for learning became the trend for both workers and children.  The respondents of this study were the 270 young children attending kindergarten in Seoul and their mothers. A survey was conducted on maternal behavior, playfulness, and smartphone usage. The final data were analyzed using the SPSS 22.0 program. The research results were as follows: First, love behavior and control behavior showed a significant negative correlation with smartphone usage, and hostility behavior showed a significant positive correlation with smartphone usage. Second, the mediating effect of smartphone usage was confirmed in the relationship between love behavior and playfulness. Based on the results of this study, methods and approaches to enhance playfulness in young children were created and recommended.

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