Risk Acceptance, Technology Absorption, And Internationalization Key Determinants In Global Entrepreneurship Advantage

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Partono Thomas , P. Eko Prasetyo


This research aims to evaluates technology absorption capacity as the main key to achieving sustainable and successful global entrepreneurial excellence full of uncertain risk. The methodologies used to collect and analyze the objective's direct, indirect, and total effects are the global entrepreneurship Index (GEI) and path analysis. The results showed that three main determinants, namely risk acceptance (RA), technology absorption (TA), and internationalization (It), dominantly affect the success of global entrepreneurship. This further emphasizes that technology absorption capacity is the most dominant key to achieving successful global entrepreneurial competitiveness, either directly, indirectly, or totally. The theoretical contribution of this research confirms that mastery, risk, technology, and global knowledge are the main determinants of business owners’ ability to accept risk. However, this research has empirical limitations and broader practical specifications, therefore, future studies need to focus more on examining the empirical and in-depth specifications about the new technology absorption capacity of entrepreneurs related to interest, creativity, innovation, and adaptive attitude.

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