The Perspective Of Full Cost Accounting Of Sustainability In Business

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Prof. Dr. Nguyen Phu Giang , Dr. Dang Van Luong


Purpose - The article presents a new approach to implementing cost accounting in enterprises. By applying the Full Cost Accounting (FCA) approach, accounting has shown the additional external costs adding to the traditional costs of the business. FCA shows external factors' effects on the company's costs, internalizing external costs. FCA also indicates the burden of external costs on a firm's total costs and profits. At the same time, FCA also shows businesses' environmental and social impacts.

 Methodology - We conducted univariate and multivariate regression analyses. By synthesizing questionnaires, using correlation analysis and multivariate regression analysis, we identify and measure the influence of factors on the application of FCA in several enterprises.

 Findings- Our research finds a new approach, which is the application of FCA in enterprises, linking and internalizing external costs, and assessing enterprises' impact on environmental and social sustainability. The article also shows the correlation and influence of factors on the application of FCA.

 Social implications - The article guides how to apply FCA in business. This is one of the measures to effectively use resources, contributing to sustainable development for businesses and society.

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