Satisfaction V/S Dissatisfaction: Legal Practitioners’ Work Happiness In Gujarat

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Shekh Aarzooben Mahamadashif , Dr. Chirag V. Vyas , Ratna V. Vyas


Purpose: – The purpose of this research paper is to introduce work happiness research among Legal Practitioners (LPs). It focuses on what can be useful for the discipline, provides relevant research outcome and presents the findings with directions for future research.

Design/methodology/approach: – This paper is a combination of literature review, research questionnaire and analysis of data. It is based on five point scale. This cross-sectional study was conducted on selected Legal Practitioners (LPs) of Gujarat State. This paper offers an analysis on Interest, Income & Expenses, Environment, Communication, Infrastructure and the like.

Findings: – The group average Mean of the items was reveal to be (82.78) with a standard deviation of (14.772). The main finding shows that selected Legal Practitioners (LPs) of Gujarat State are happy / unhappy in General truly at Excellent level in reliability test Cronbach's Alpha (.952). Only few respondents are not happy with few parameters rest are highly satisfied. There are 147 participants from Gujarat State participated in this research work.

Practical implications – Based on these findings, the research results squabble for the importance of Work Happiness in a positive way. This is really a good result among such Selected Legal Practitioners (LPs) of Gujarat State.This can be adopted by other state.

Originality/value: – Happiness is extremely important and useful for overall the entire field yet largely overlooked in the discipline. Very few literature reviews are written with the discipline in mind, and this viewpoint is aimed at bridge such gap.

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