Threats of Oncogenic Manifestation: Environmental Synergies

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Dr. Sourav Madhur Dey


The word "Cancer" continues to evoke the ominous threat of a silent murderer that sneaks up on us without warning. With the knowledge currently available, it is promising to prevent at least one-third of the 10 million cancer cases that occur worldwide each year. Each of us will be impacted by the statistics, whether we are patients, family members, or friends. The majority of the 20 million cancer patients worldwide today reside in the developing countries. In order to reduce the incidence of cancer and the clinical, personal, financial, and social burden that the disease causes, this calls for strong primary prevention efforts to reduce physical, chemical, and biological exposures to carcinogens as well as for the realization of environmental interventions, including in-work settings. The current effort makes an effort to pinpoint important environmental elements, such as occupational risks brought on by potentially carcinogenic chemicals and physical dangers in the air, water, and food. The results of my PhD thesis, "Health Hazards & Care of Cancer Patients: A Sociological Analysis," which examined 110 cancer patients from Thakurpukur, (C.C.W.H & R.I) M.G Road, Kolkata-700063, are the basis for the current study, which is based on a review of the literature and survey data.

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